Will the Heat retire Butler’s jersey in the future?

“I’m going to bring a championship to the team,” Butler emphasized after the game in Game 2 of the 2020 season’s Eastern Conference finals. on Sept. 18, 2020, the Heat led the Celtics 2-0 for the 17th time in team history, after winning the series 16 times.

The first time Butler said he would win the championship was 18 days ago, on August 31, 2012, when he was interviewed by the NBA’s official website. At that time, the eastern semifinals a not yet played, data sites give the probability of advancement: Heat 21%, Bucks 79%.


Like the probability of this prediction, almost no one favors the Heat, and the only suspense seems to be the Bucks, who have the league’s top record, eliminating the Heat with a few games.

Eighteen days ago, it was against this backdrop that Butler told reporters on his official website, “I don’t need an MVP, I don’t care what anyone thinks. No trophy means anything except the O’Brien trophy. Man, I’m going to be a champion, and I mean it, and I think we can do something special here.”

Butler didn’t go back on his word as they became the first team to reach the division finals by eliminating the championship favorite Bucks with a 4-1 overall score. From that moment on, Butler and his Heat team, finally raised everyone’s alarm.

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So far in the playoffs, the Heat are 10-1, the second 10-1 start in their playoffs team history, the last time being in 2005. What’s different is that the 2005 Heat, led by O’Neal and Wade, were the top seed in the East, while this season’s Heat are the No. 5 seed in the East.

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A set of statistics given by expert Justin Kuabatko highlights even more the magic of the Heat’s playoff performance. Winning 10 of the first 11 games in the playoffs has happened 15 times since 1984. Of the first 14 teams to get off to such a fantastic start, 12 were top seeds and the other two were No. 2 seeds. Only this year’s Heat is a No. 5 seed.

The unheralded Butler, who led the unheralded Heat to an incredible playoff performance. 7 years ago, Butler, then a Bulls player, hated the Heat so much that he said in an interview that the one piece of clothing he would never wear in his life was a Heat jersey.

Seven years later, he not only wore the jersey, but also became the leader of this team, the U.S. media SlamStudio flirted with the idea that Butler, who made a statement in 2013 that he would never wear a Heat jersey, is now on the road to getting the Heat to retire his jersey in the future.

The real story behind Jimmy Butler’s blank jersey statement

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Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler made a gesture of silence before Saturday’s bubble opener against the Denver Nuggets. Instead of wearing a traditional jersey with a name tag, the former Marquette Golden Eagle wore a blank variant.
Butler was eventually asked to change into a jersey with a nametag, but his message was sent. Like other NBA players, he highlighted social injustice in his own way.
-x-Miami Heat (@MiamiHEAT) August 1, 2020

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According to the Miami Herald, all parties involved were aware that Butler was planning to make the statement, including Heat and NBA President Adam Silver.
We have the best leadership in professional sports between [NBA commissioner] Adam Silver and [National Basketball Players Association executive director] Michelle Roberts, Butler’s agent Bernie Lee said before Tuesday’s game between the Heat and Boston Celtics at Disney World Sports Center in Lake Buena Vista told the Miami Herald. We talked a lot about Jimmy’s selection in the weeks leading up to the first seeding game, and the results you see are the result of those conversations.

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It wasn’t what people wanted at the beginning, but the results reflect the times and how well everyone has adapted. I think Jimmy was given a platform and an opportunity to make a statement that was very important and powerful to him
Many players in the bubble choose to have unique messages sewn on the back of their jerseys to highlight social injustice around the world, and that’s exactly what the NBA has done. But Butler, however, wants his jersey to have no name on the back.
Via Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald.
He explained his jersey request in July, saying, “This shirt is going back to the way I was.” . If I wasn’t who I am today, I’d be no different than any other person of color.

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Indefatigable fighter, offensive and defensive Jimmy Butler

After leaving the Wolves, Jimmy Butler once again his ability to be the leader of Philadelphia and Embiardi and Simmons, and now he is attacking the championship with the Heat. Now Butler has reached an important stage in his career, he needs a championship to prove his worth and with Butler, fans are very optimistic about the future of the Heat. It must be said that Butler has been in the league up until now and having such strength is really rare. the NBA is a very realistic place, he is the dream of countless basketball players and the place that destroys the dreams of countless people.

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No talent or talent is not enough to stand, however, one’s success does not depend entirely on one’s talent, hard work is also a very important factor. Therefore in a highly competitive league, Butler to success is not easy.

A tragic childhood

In the league, many players’ families are not so happy, but for them, at least they have families. For Butler, his early years were like being abandoned by heaven, just after Butler was born when his father left him and his mother. When Butler was 13 years old, he was kicked out of his mother’s house because she didn’t like his appearance.

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From then on Butler started his wandering life, he had to stay in a friend’s house in order to avoid sleeping on the street. It is hard to imagine the sadness of this life, but God did not really abandon him, after participating in the summer league, he met a good friend Jordan Leslie, Leslie knew Butler’s plight, and invited Butler to stay in his house. With that Butler finally had a place to stay and he soon became an up-and-comer in the up-and-coming high school league and then earned a nomination for Best Team in the Big East Conference for his outstanding performance.

Butler worked hard to be able to live a better life and achieve his basketball dreams, but the reality was really harsh, whether Butler was in high school or college, or he made it to the league. He is not the object of the most attention, but it is easy to be ignored, after all, to eat this bowl, you need to have a great talent, Butler’s physical condition is quite general, when he participated in the draft, physical test data: barefoot height 198CM, standing contact height 257CM, arm span 202CM, the ratio of arm span is only 1.02. Such data is really miserable, especially his height arm span Not enough, which led him to rank 30th.

Trying to play good defense

From a low starting point like Butler, even if he enters the NBA, he will face greater challenges. Butler was undoubtedly overlooked in his rookie season. The Bulls had a brilliant Rose, and with the attention focused on Rose, naturally, no one would care about Butler. His rookie season was even worse, scoring only 2.6 points in only 8.5 minutes per game. He didn’t really start for the Bulls until his third season.

Butler knew exactly where he should start and trained every day in order to get a foothold in the team. Focusing on improving his defensive skills and gradually Butler practiced his defense, he was aggressive, although he was not as physical as Leonard, he could not play top defense, but Butler often defended the opponent’s top player. Until now, Butler has been in the best defensive second unit four times, and he has 1.58 steals and 0.5 blocks per game. His 1.4 saves and 33.5 blocks per game this season rank in the top 10 in the league, and his defensive efficiency has reached 105.2, dropping opponents’ shooting percentage by 4.4% when he is in charge of the outside defense.

Butler’s height issues can’t be remedied due to his short wings, and he only hustles more on the floor to grab rebounds and play defense. Butler is known as a fitness monster in the league and he was able to have enough energy to play against each other in every game. In the playoff’s, he focused on defending James’ peak, playing 48 minutes in consecutive games. In recent years, he has gotten his looks under control so well that in four consecutive seasons with the Bulls, the average playing time per game in the playoffs was around 40 minutes, and only Butler was able to meet Thibodeau’s demands.


Compared to Leonard, Butler is slightly worse defensively, but his range is too strong. This is incomparable to Leonard. In addition to being able to defend the outside, Butler can also grab rebounds and do a good job of protecting them, all while winning 6.6 rebounds per game this season, including 1.8 frontcourt rebounds. With no height and arm strength, Butler relies on his brain and effort to grab more rebounds. However Butler is not good at rebounding or interior defense, and the closer he gets to the three second box, the less effective he becomes. His body affects his ceiling, not everyone can do one defense five, which is the main reason why he can’t get stronger defensively.

All-around scorer

The original Butler was not a great offensive player, he started with defense and focused on shutting down the opponent’s key players. However Butler is really good offensively and he is one of the few stars in the league who can integrate offense and defense. Butler’s offense has declined this season, but he is still guaranteed 20.2 points per game, and he has scored 20 points per game for six straight seasons in his career, and his 53 points per game are insane performances.

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There are many different ways to score Butler, who not only has great breakout ability, but also a balanced shooting ability. He can do more damage to the opponent both from the outside and from mid-range, but Butler’s scoring also has the characteristic that he is not a particularly good three-point shooter. When he hits more than 3, he wants to score 3 total points.

Butler is a new change of pace, as he is starting to focus more on rest and being more with his teammates when playing close to the line in the regular season. He also likes to use his brain to score, such as fouling, which is his favorite way to score, and he is getting 9.1 free throws per game this season. He has also developed his organizational skills and passing ability. As the most used player on the team, Butler needs to control the ball more, and he passes to Adebayor 15 times per game. His assist rate of 29.1 percent is on par with Dragic’s, and in such a shift Butler is providing 6.1 assists per game, the highest of his career.

Butler’s conversion doesn’t mean he completely sacrificed his points, in fact he just put in more effort in the most crucial moments. He scored key moments and a whopping 3.3 points, which ranked seventh in the league, and he remains the team’s most trusted top scorer. He just hasn’t played in the regular season yet. In the past, Butler played hard in the regular season, which affected his efficiency in the playoffs, and now the Heat’s team basketball is so effective that he doesn’t have to be so tired in the regular season.

Butler this battle to create a number of records than the shoulders of King James Jordan

The 2020 season Heat defeated the Lakers 115-104 to win Game 3 of the finals. The number one contributor to the Heat’s win was undoubtedly Jimmy Butler, who scored 40 points and 11 rebounds plus 13 assists. Butler not only led the team to win the game, but also set a number of records.

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First of all, it was the first time in his career that he had a triple-double in the playoffs. The only players who have scored 40 points plus a triple-double in a single game on the Finals stage were Jerry West and LeBron James. It is worth mentioning that Butler is the first player in NBA history to score 40 points plus a triple-double on the Finals stage and lead his team to win the final game.

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In addition, Butler was able to contribute 29.3 points, 7 rebounds and 10.3 assists per game after his first three career Finals games, shooting 58% from the field, 40% from three and 90.3% from the free throw line. In NBA history, Butler is only the second player to be able to put up such numbers in his first three career Finals games, the other being Michael Jordan.

Not only that, Butler also became the second player in Heat history to record a triple-double in the Finals, the first being James (4). He is also the first player in nearly 51 years to score at least 40 points and 12 assists in a single game in the Finals, the last being West on May 6, 1969.

Meanwhile, Butler became the third player in Finals history to slash 40+ on 70%+ shooting, with the first two being Chamberlain (May 7, 1970) and Irving (June 14, 2016). It is worth mentioning that Butler also became the first player in Finals history to slash 40+ triple-doubles on 70% shooting.

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The game, Butler’s own points and assists to teammates combined to 73 points, this data can also be in the NBA Finals history of the second place. In the matchup with LeBron, Butler didn’t fall short either. Butler even finished the finals single game scoring, rebounding, and assists for James in the three data, completed the full surroundings. In LeBron’s career, this is the first time he encountered such a situation in the finals.

So after the game, the emperor also said when evaluating Butler’s performance: “I like playing against him, he is one of the most competitive players in basketball. I don’t know how many more chances I’ll have against such a strong competitor.”

Butler then responded to James by saying, “I feel like he’s made me give it my all too many times.”

Butler reveals jersey number story: For those who have inspired me

Miami Heat All-Star forward Jimmy Butler shared the story of his jersey number in a recent interview.

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Jimmy Butler now wears No. 22 with the Heat in honor of former teammate Tye Gibson, “He was one of the toughest teammates of my career and he taught me a lot about how to be a professional player. Sometimes people choose jersey numbers to inspire themselves, and Tye Gibson was one of those guys.” Butler was teammates with Gibson from 2011-2017 with the Bulls, and the two reunited with the Timberwolves during the 2017-18 season and early last season. Jimmy Butler has worn No. 21 since entering the league, while Taj Gibson wore No. 22 during their time together.

“I wore No. 33 at Marquette, and in high school I wore No. 1 because of Maddie. My best friend wore No. 33, he’s my brother and lives with me. His family has always helped me grow up and I’m grateful for that, so I chose my friend’s mom’s favorite player Larry Bird’s No. 33 jersey.”

“I chose No. 21 in Chicago because I was drafted 21st overall. I played with a guy named Joe Foles in college and he wore No. 21. Without him, I wouldn’t have made it to the league.”

#22 Jimmy Butler Heat Jersey

“I wore No. 23 in Minnesota because I was in the Jordan Brand family at the time. I didn’t mean to compare myself to Jordan in any way, but I think Jordan wore No. 23 once in Chicago and then he left for another team. And I left from Chicago, so I thought I should try wearing No. 23 NBA jersey.”

Butler, who has found a home in Miami after stints in Chicago, Minnesota and Philadelphia, averaged 20.2 points, 6.6 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game in 19-20 before entering a lockout in which the All-Star helped the Heat finish fourth in the East with 41 wins and 24 losses.

Besides O’Neal and Jordan, whose jerseys have been retired in the history of the Heat?

Jersey retirement is the team’s recognition of a player’s contribution, as a way to honor a player, retired NBA jerseys numbers are no longer used by the team’s players, the NBA’s 30 teams have nearly 200 retired jerseys, the most is the history of the Celtics, has retired 22 jerseys, and the other giants are just half of the Green Army 11 pieces, the other retired big players Blazers, Pistons, Kings are retired 11 pieces, today we will talk, the retired 5 pieces of Heat jerseys.

  1. Jordan

This is a rather odd practice, in April 2003 the Heat and Wizards game, Jordan on behalf of the Wizards against the Heat, the results of this game, the Heat retired his No. 23 jersey, to know that Jordan has never played for the Heat, until later learned that the original Heat president Pat Riley was Jordan’s dominance was deeply impressed, so for him to send the highest honor.

4. Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway is nicknamed the “bugs” in the first round of 14, 1989 show, height 1 meter 83, he is a famous master of the ball in NBA history, the vagaries of legs to dribble is his signature action, he played 13 years in the NBA in total, five and a half seasons is spent in the heat, in the heat of that time, his two all-star, A one-time all-Nba selection, the Heat retired his No. 10 jersey in 2009.

  1. O’Neal

In the summer of 2004, the Heat used a lot of chips to trade for the “Shark” O’Neal, who was at the end of his prime, and O’Neal was able to influence the Heat both statistically and mentally, and helped the Heat get the first championship in the team’s history in his second year with the Heat. He is still one of the best players in the history of the Heat, and in 2016, his No. 32 jersey was retired by the Heat.

  1. Chris Bosh

Bosh played in the Heat for 6 years, during which his sacrifice and pay, everyone is visible, as long as he is given enough rights, an average of 20 + 10 data is not a problem, the need for defense when Bosh can stand out, the key moment of the offense is never soft, the final moment of the final for Green “death cover”, now Still fresh in my mind, the biggest sacrifice in the Big Three is him, 2019, the Heat retired his No. 1 jersey.

  1. Mourning

After a bad time in Charlotte, Miami and Riley welcome Mourning with open arms, his arrival also makes the Heat really become a force to be reckoned with in the NBA, in Mourning’s Heat period, he was selected as an All-Star five times, twice elected the best defensive player, but also the best lineup and the best defensive lineup of regulars, but at this time he encountered two major roadblocks, one is Jordan’s Bulls, one is kidney disease, Mourning and Riley’s dynasty The dream is always a mirror, his No. 33 jersey was retired in 2009.

Why did the Heat retire Jordan’s No. 23 jersey?

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February 23, 2020, the 2019-20 NBA regular season is in full swing. The Heat hosted the Cavaliers in today’s marquee battle in the East. During halftime of the game, the Heat held a No. 3 NBA jersey retirement ceremony for the team’s all-time legendary superstar Wade. During his time with the Heat, Wade led the Heat to the Finals five times, won the title three times and was elected FMVP once, while Wade is also the team’s all-time scoring leader and assists leader. In this way, Wade’s No. 3 jersey also became the sixth retired jersey in the history of the Heat. The previous 5 people had 4 Heat celebrities, respectively: Tim Hardaway, Mourning, O’Neal, Bosh.

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So the question arises, who is the other retired jersey of the Heat? He is the great Michael Jordan. As we all know, Jordan is recognized as the first person in the history of the NBA. Jordan has played for the Bulls and Wizards in his career, won the NBA championship 6 times, was elected FMVP 6 times, was elected regular season MVP 5 times, 10 times NBA scoring champion, and 1 time NBA best defensive player. Whether it is honor or legendary, Jordan’s greatness cannot be surpassed. So here’s the question: Jordan never played for the Heat, so why did the Heat retire his No. 23 jersey?

In the 2002-03 season, Jordan celebrated his final season. During Jordan’s last visit to the American Airlines Center, the Heat held a jersey retirement ceremony for Jordan’s number 23 jersey. Pat Riley, who was the Heat’s general manager at the time, said, “In appreciation of your great accomplishments and impact not only in the NBA, but around the world, we decided to hang up the No. 23 jersey and no one will ever wear No. 23 in Miami again.” The Heat’s move to retire the jersey of a player who never played for the home team also set a precedent in NBA history, and no player or team has ever been able to do so again.

It is worth mentioning that in the summer of 2010, another great No. 23 player in NBA history joined the Heat, and he was LeBron James. As Jordan’s No. 23 jersey had been retired by the Heat, James had to choose his equally favorite No. 6 jersey. After that James had advocated that the entire league retire Jordan’s No. 23 jersey, but this suggestion was not adopted. After James left the Heat in 2014, James switched back to wearing the No. 23 jersey.

In addition, the Heat retired the No. 3 jersey of NFL Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino. As a local Miami superstar, Marino is very influential. It is worth mentioning that after retiring the No. 3 jersey for Wade today, the Heat may also retire Haslem’s No. 40 jersey and James’ No. 6 jersey in the future.