Butler should have just given him the # 23 jersey

NBA playoffs, the Eastern Conference finals Heat team against the Celtics, the Celtics were once ahead by 17 points, the final was the Heat team turned over to win against the odds, the series became a 2-0 result, it can be said that the Heat team is almost half of the body into the finals, to win the title is expected.

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As the main general, the Heat’s Butler naturally very happy, after the game, Butler said in an interview “I want to bring a championship for the team,” in fact, this is not Butler’s first statement, 18 days ago, the outside world is not optimistic about the Heat against the Bucks, Butler said he hoped to bring the championship for the team.

The season so far, the Heat made 10 wins and 1 loss, which is the best result inside the playoff team this season, even the Lakers, only 8 wins and 2 losses, the Heat really have the ability to win the championship, so good start, so good strength, not favored Butler, leading the not favored Heat, played an incredible playoff performance.

Now, the American media said that the Heat may even retire Butler’s jersey in the future. In fact, if Butler can bring the championship for the Heat, the Heat dare to retire his jersey? Not impossible, in fact, if it wasn’t for Jordan, Butler would be wearing jersey number 23 right now.

Butler should not wear the 22 jersey, should give him the 23 jersey directly, he can bring the championship, this is what he deserves, here to explain, the Heat in order to commemorate the god of basketball Jordan, chose to retire the Heat’s 23 jersey, but in fact, Jordan did not wear the Heat’s 23 jersey at all.

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Today, Butler wears the 22 jersey, is also the second best choice, if Butler can bring the championship in the future, then, the Heat give him 23 jerseys to wear and how, even if not, the Heat future, the retirement of Butler’s jersey is not a simpler matter? After all, this Heat team, so amazing.

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