Butler advances to the finals wearing a Spur University jersey

The 2020 season Heat eliminated the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals with a total score of 4-2, advancing to the finals, the Heat took the Eastern Conference championship, the whole team is very happy to know that the Heat team is not considered talented without the top five players, the highest draft pick is veteran Iguodala, he is the 9th pick in the first round. Duncan Robinson, Jones Jr. and others are fallen draft picks, Crowder and Dragic are not even first round picks, Butler is the 30th pick, and 13th overall rookie Hilo is a high draft pick on the Heat. So, such a situation that the Heat can play in the finals is called a miracle is not too much.

After the post-game celebration Butler started his rah-rah behavior again, he wore a special jersey to meet with the owner and teammates, it turned out that this jersey is the jersey of Spo master in college, Spo master was also very happy after seeing Butler wearing his jersey, the two high-fived together to salute, this moment was also posted by the Heat on the official social media.

This is not the first time Butler wore the jersey of a merit badge. In the G4 game of the Eastern Conference, Butler did not perform very well, but the rookie Heero stepped up to cut 37 points and 6 assists to lead the team to a valuable victory. Soon Butler was wearing Heero’s high school No. 14 jersey for bragging rights and walking with a comical look.

This time Butler again put on the skipper Spo’s uniform, to know that Spo skipper college period is in the University of Portland to play, he in the four years of college as the team’s starting organizational guards averaged 9.2 points, 4.4 assists and 2.4 rebounds, and was named the West Coast Division’s Rookie of the Year, into the 1,000-point club. It can be said that Spo was also a very famous player in college, but unfortunately his future career as a player did not go very well, but the early start of his career Spo became a legend in the coaching position, this time into the finals, Spo also became the sixth man in NBA history with 5 times to lead the team to the finals, alongside Cole and others.

In fact, from this point on you can see how united this Heat is, the atmosphere within the team is still very harmonious, plus the team does not have the “Chosen One” high pick players, they know more to hold together to play team to hope for success, so we see the full blossom of Adebayor, Robinson, Butler, Hilo and others. I also hope that the next finals, the more unpopular Heat can be good luck.